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Our values

With us, we don’t just say that we have values. We organize ourselves so that they are felt everywhere, as much with our employees as with our customers..

Basically, it means that we take care of the world by creating a benevolent gang. It also means that we are always in solutions mode.





your next job,
it’s at Garage Bertrand

You can imagine it, but we constantly need arms.

Body side

  • Bodybuilder in heavy vehicles
  • Preparer/Painter
  • Preparer/finisher
  • Bodywork Department Mechanic
  • Polisher

Towing side

  • Heavy tow truck operator
  • Operator of six- and ten-wheel flatbed trucks
  • Transportation Logistics Technician and Dispatcher

Transportation side

  • Heavy truck drivers
  • Heavy truck mechanic

Postulate Now

Do you want to finally stop breaking your head with your job? You have your place at Garage Bertrand in Neuville near Quebec.

Send your application here and we will call you.

    Your new colleagues

    Éric Bertrand

    Vice President General Manager
    418 876-2215

    Stéphanie Vallée

    Administrative Assistant
    418 876-2215 poste 205

    Simon Thibault

    Towing manager
    418 876-2215 poste 201

    Martin Bissonnette

    body shop supervisor
    418 876-2215 poste 212